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Dedicated to upholding unmatched service standards, we consistently strive to set industry benchmarks with our world-class offerings at The Food Design Agency.

Setting ourselves apart as the sole company of its kind, our diverse range of services includes turn-key auditing, comprehensive traceability solutions, recipe and menu development, culinary consulting, and a host of other services.

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At The Food Design Agency, we provide all the services you need to make your product or service the best out there. Whether you are in need of auditing, end to end traceability, recipes or culinary advice our team can assist by providing you with the best service acquired through vast experience.

Culinary Auditing


  • Real-life data collection relating to sales, operations, procedure and processes
  • Qualitative and quantitative data insights
  • ⁠Optimization in cost effectiveness and operational efficiency

Traceability solutions


  • Forwards and backwards traceability
  • ⁠Ingredient auditing and supplier selection
  • ⁠Cost analysis
  • ⁠Continual feedback

Menu and recipe optimization


  • Optimization of existing menu and recipes based on existing or collected data
  • ⁠Data driven insights
  • ⁠Optimization recommendations
  • ⁠Standard Operating Procedure development

Menu and recipe development


  • Development of innovative menu concepts and recipes based on brand identity, trends and target market
  • ⁠Sensory optimization
  • ⁠Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development

Product implementation


  • Implementation of products in industrial, FSR (full service), QSR (quick service) and retail environments
  • Standard Operating Procedure development
  • Product demonstration

Costing models


  • Development of automated costing model (nested recipe programs)
  • ⁠Cost of Goods calculation
  • ⁠Profitability indicators

Consumer and product research


  • Consumer insights relating to consumer behavior
  • ⁠Product related research
  • ⁠SWOT analysis

Food Styling and Photography


  • Striking visual imagery

  • ⁠Professional, brand-related styling

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